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Risk Taking Mission
*Acts of Kindness

As part of our local outreach efforts, OPUMC has an emergency food ministry. The food items are distributed to people who contact the church for emergency aid.

In addition, special efforts are made at Thanksgiving and Christmas when we adopt local families in need, including the Angel Tree for gift giving.


Clara's Closet is a no-cost "Shop," serving 1,100+ low-income and refugee families in Buffalo. Clara's Closet is housed in the Central Park United Methodist Church, and OPUMC joins their effort by collecting items for their "store."

The contacts for OPUMC are

Candy (716-649-1654) and

Carolyn (716-648-1179).

Thank you for supporting this outreach ministry.

If you'd like more information about Clara's Closet ministry, email or go to their website.

Sewing Circle2.jpg

Sewing Circle at OPUMC is an ecumenical group sews for charity. Quilts, blankets, pillowcases, and other projects have been given to organizations, families in need, as well as AOK families. This group likes to learn from and help each other.


The Sewing Circle gets together every Monday! Doors open at 9:30 and close around 1:00. Bring your own lunch and drink. All are welcome. You could come with knitting or crocheting.

Questions? Call Carolyn (716-648-1179.)


OPUMC serves this Buffalo mission site in a variety of ways:

Throughout the year, household items and seasonal clothing are collected. 

Volunteers participate in their annual Christmas Shoppe, and also donate gifts.

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