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February 26


grades 5-7

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February 2021, Issue II


beginning February 16, 2021

Christians can have good intentions all day long, but intentions without precise aim at exactly the one we are trying to be like, Jesus, will always lead to unintended consequences. God has been gracious to all, and being compelled by that grace, we believe that following Jesus is the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime!

You have what it takes to follow Jesus greatly!

We are starting the challenge on February 16, but how does it work?

The first five days will serve as an introduction. You’ll learn a bit more about each of the five major principles from Jesus. From there, on each of the following 35 days, you will see a quote directly from the mouth of Jesus. The quotation will be followed by a devotion, one or more companion Bible readings, and a Challenge of how you might live out those specific words on that day. Some will be very specific and others will be very broad. Each day you will be encouraged to complete the Challenge.

The Sewing Circle has not been meeting as a group, but it has been a good time to distribute those items already sewn. As announced in December, 6 quilts were given to AOK families. In January, 6 quilts and food gift cards, along with 3 bags of food from OPUMC food shelf delivered to the Southtown Family Justice Center in Orchard Park. Buffalo City Mission received 17 pillowcases and 5 blankets went to Cornerstone Manor. 

Dear friends,
Have you seen the bright light shining around OPUMC? That’s God’s love; working through each of us despite a pandemic, the church being closed people, afraid to venture outside, and that we could not be together, our AOK mission was a huge success. Being guided by faith in God, and in each other, we found a way to do the impossible. So much love, so many hands. That is the face and heart of this church. We accomplished so much together, from setting up the angel tree, making the angels, buying turkeys, food, fresh produce, sorting the food, buying the toys, clothes, books, gift cards, wrapping paper, and giving a gift of a quilt to each child made by the ladies of our own sewing group, thank you. I have seen your willingness to share, your excitement, your love, and your eagerness to help others. As we have been blessed in this church, we have been able to bless them. Thank you so very much to you all. There is no place I’d rather be than in this beautiful church with all you beautiful people. God bless you.
Candy Carberry, AOK Mission Coordinator

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