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Acts of Kindness Ministry

Our AOK Program started almost fifty years ago by the late Len Lohiser. It was originally called the "Needy Family Program," but was later renamed by Len's granddaughter, Amanda Lohiser. Amanda felt a more positive name was needed and thus began the "AOK Program" - AOK meaning Acts of Kindness.


Through this program, we are able to help several families in the community at Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Thanksgiving, each family is given a turkey, 5-6 bags of groceries, and a grocery story gift card (Tops) for perishables. At Christmas, each family receives a turkey, 5-6 bags of groceries, a Tops gift card, a box with fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, butter, and potatoes, as well as 3 gifts for each person. Each child and some adults are also given a quilt made by the ladies in our church's Sewing Circle group.


The AOK Program has been successful for all these years because of the generous donations of food, gifts, and money by the OPUMC congregation because of their commitment to helping others. We do believe that we are the hands and feet of the Lord.

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This year, the AOK Ministry helped three families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to the unusual hardships inflicted by the COVID-19 crisis, we are going to continue to offer aid to persons and families, by continuing to collect food for our church Food Shelf.  The items will be distributed directly from the church; and, we plan on contributing to local food pantries.
Continue to bring non-perishable food to the church. Because the church is not open as usual, and office hours are not regularly scheduled, you can call the church (662-7912) to find out when it will be open. Or, give Art Cooper (662-9125) a call and he will make arrangements for you to deliver the items to the church.
If you know of anyone that could use our help, also contact Art, who is now Missions Coordinator.


December 18, 2020

Dear friends,
Have you seen the bright light shining around OPUMC? That’s God’s love; working through each of us despite a pandemic, the church being closed, people afraid to venture outside, and that we could not be together, our AOK mission was a huge success. Being guided by faith in God, and in each other, we found a way to do the impossible. So much love, so many hands. That is the face and heart of this church. We accomplished so much together, from setting up the angel tree, making the angels, buying turkeys, food, fresh produce, sorting the food, buying the toys, clothes, books, gift cards, wrapping paper, and giving a gift of a quilt to each child made by the ladies of our own sewing group, thank you. I have seen your willingness to share, your excitement, your love, and your eagerness to help others. As we have been blessed in this church, we have been able to bless them. Thank you so very much to you all. There is no place I’d rather be than in this beautiful church with all you beautiful people. God bless you.
Candy Carberry, Angel Tree Mission Coordinator

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