Shoes for Children in Nicaragua

A child's education means everything, especially in third world nations.

To attend school in Nicaragua (Central America), children must wear shoes. We hope to make a difference in the lives of these children by providing them with new or gently used shoes, sandals, sneakers, and flip flops. 

We arrange for our collection of shoes to be delivered to a Nicaraguan school by missionary, Ann Marie Zon, who travels from the United States every year. (see note below) 

Dear Ms. Carberry and Friends at Orchard Park United Methodist Church ~

Whatever can be said to a community of people who have been so very faithful—so giving over so many years for the “good” of Nicaragua's mission people.
I just returned from there and was given the note saying what a wonderful success you had in your annual shoe collection.

Truthfully, I am not only amazed—grateful—but am also filled with admiration and respect for you, who never met the persons who benefit from your caring and yet you continue to bring “good” into their lives.

This says so much about who you are as Love-centered, Jesus-centered congregation. We are blessed to have you in our lives and I say that most sincerely,
Know that 150 more persons will be made much happier knowing that someone has cared about them and their needs!

May the blessings of our Risen Lord be ever gracious… ever dear… ever often… in each and all of your lives.

Ann Marie Zon
PS. Thank you again Candace. Thank you from my heart.

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