You Have Gifts to Share

August 2, 2020

Pastor Jennifer Stamm

Matthew 14:13-21

John planted zucchini this spring. These small plants he lovingly placed at the edge of his garden. He prepared the soil, made sure that the plants were gently installed in the ground, and watered them. Now, I don’t know too much about zucchini, but my experience says that when they are given that kind of loving care, they flourish, and flourish, and flourish. This was definitely the case for John — he realized that he was going to have far more zucchini than he would ever use, so he offered it to a neighbor — and then another, and another. The little village became recipients of his beautiful zucchini — bread was made from it, casseroles, salads, even a dessert. Nothing went to waste. The bread was shared with neighbors, the casseroles were brought to people in need, salads were in abundance, and the dessert was thoroughly enjoyed by all. John and his zucchini. Simple plants with a bounty that fed many people.

We think that we don’t have much to offer — that our gifts, our talents are minimal. Jesus calls us to share our gifts and our talents. We never know what kind of influence and joy they will have with others. Your smile, a very simple thing to do, might cause others to smile and feel better. You may be called to be a reader of stories for children or for those whose eyesight is failing; you may be the one who organizes rides to doctor appointments. Whatever the case, you have so much that you can share — so don’t keep those talents and gifts hidden. Share! You will love doing it. In Jesus' Name, share! AMEN.

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